Places in Barcelona found in La sombra del viento

Images above linked from The Dreamers and The Age.

On this site I have tried to mark some of the important places in Barcelona that are found in the great book La sombra del viento (The Shadow of the Wind) by Carlos Ruíz Zafón. For this I use the online Barcelona City Map. I have also made placemarks for Google Earth (also viewable directly in Google Maps and available in the GPX format); see below for download links. Note that what I have marked out on the map by no means claims to be correct or anything else but fun for me and my friends. Some places have a description and some do not; the latter since that could reveal the plot for people that have not yet read the book and thus spoil the fun. I would not like to do that.

Also: Thank you Gerrit Heeres and Fredrik Roubert for your constructive placemark format update suggestions that have been added to this page since it was initially created!

Download my placemarks file for Google Earth here
View the placemarks directly in Google Maps here
Download the placemarks in GPX format here

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have positive comments or concrete suggestions of updates with additional streets and places.