Joakim Roubert

Ragnar Lodbroks gr. 24
224 75 Lund, Sweden

+46 709 16 94 54


M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, B.Soc.Sc. in Business Law. Multilingual and used to an international environment.

Personal Details

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 23d of March 1979. Swedish citizen. Lived in Hamburg, Germany, as a child, and in Barcelona, Spain, during master thesis. Interested in literature, windsurfing, motorcycles and traveling. Social skills. Conscript second lieutenant in the Swedish army. Married.



Lund University

B.Soc.Sc. in Business Law

Profile in property law, international law and business and trade, with focus on EC law. Also courses in Russian, statistics, leadership and gender studies.


Lund Institute of Technology

M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

Specialized courses taken included digital design, computer architecture, numerical analysis, geometry and computer vision. The master thesis Automatic Guidance of a Laparoscope Using Computer Vision was accomplished in the Department of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering as an exchange student in Barcelona under the European Union Erasmus exchange program at the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona.


S1 – Upplands regemente

Conscript second lieutenant

15 months of military service incl. language education at FRA.



High school

Natural Science Programme, including English, German and French as foreign languages.



Scrum Training Institute

CSM Certified Scrum Product Owner

How to work in Scrum as the Product Owner.


Blekinge Institute of Technology

Behavorial Software Engineering

An understanding of behavior and social aspects of humans as individuals or groups that participate in and drive software engineering, complementing the technology and process focus.


Tech Education

IPv6 in Practice

Hands on experience training with IPv6.


Learning Tree International

Python™ Programming: Hands-On

A comprehensive introduction to Python for programmers with experience with some other procedural or object-oriented programming language such as C, C++, Java, VB .NET or Perl.



Android Middleware Development

Understanding concepts in the lower layers of Android (such as Binder), the structure and architecture of the different layers such as libraries and kernel drivers, and how to integrate devices using HAL and expose them to the application layer.



Embedded Linux—What Makes Android Tick

Configuration and compilation of the Linux kernel as well as how to develop and load device drivers into the kernel at runtime.



Android Application Development

Introduction to Android, Android application development, profiling and debugging.


Better Business international

Intercultural Negotiation/Presentation Skills With Special Focus on the USA


Scrum Training Institute

CSM Certified ScrumMaster

How to implement Scrum, how to be a Scrum Master and how to deal with the customer and organization.


Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning AB

Projektstyrning – resurser, tid & risker

Project management course with focus on critical chain.


Tech Support AB

WLAN Fundamentals


Konsultera-IT AB

C Engineering

A training course in C programming and related subjects for the experienced C developer.


Tech Support AB

DVB-H System Overview

The DVB-H mobile TV system.


Lund University


Basic course in written and spoken Spanish.


Stockholm University


Writing, oral fluency, vocabulary and literature.



Axis Communications AB

Senior Engineer

Video surveillance system design and prototyping. End user use case development, long term investigations and implementation of possible new technologies for partners to access and use functionality in Axis products with a system focus.


ST-Ericsson AB

Lead/Senior Engineer

Cont. work from Ericsson AB; software development and testing in C, developing software and as a team/object leader. Current main role: gatekeeper.


Ericsson AB

Development Engineer

Software development and testing in C, developing software and as a team leader. Leading daily work for teams with about 10 developers.


Telescope Software AB

Software Development Engineer

Developing and testing software in C++, C and Java for mobile platforms, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, as well as leading such projects. Also setting up and administrating the company's server systems (Linux, BSD, Windows). Since February 2006 working with mobile platforms as consultant at Ericsson AB.


Technical University of Catalonia

Master thesis

Applying computer vision for automatic control of medical equipment by real time analysis of laparoscopy video input.


Lund Institute of Technology

Teaching assistant

Working for the Department of Numerical Analysis, Center for Mathematical Sciences, with the undergraduate course in numerical analysis.


Lund Institute of Technology

Student ambassador

Giving information about Lund Institute of Technology at high schools and expositions.


Trelleborg Industri AB

Warehouse worker

Holiday job during summers.


Fluent in Swedish, English and German. Fair in Spanish, Russian and French. Understands Danish and Norwegian well.

Computer Skills

Programming Languages

C++, C, C#, Java, various shell scripts, HTML, JavaScript, MATLAB and some assembly languages.

Operating Systems

Professional and private experience in both using and administrating Linux, BSD, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X and Solaris.
Has Linux admin experience since 1995 (mainly on the i386, alpha and amd64 architectures).


Eclipse, VIM, gcc, make, various command shells, git, Bazaar, CVS, Subversion, ClearCase, Visual Studio, Xcode and Sharepoint. Previous administrator of CVS and Subversion systems, web, FTP, mail and file servers.


ST-Ericsson AB

Morten Branil, Line Manager
Tel: +46 70 952 5593, E-mail: