Fredrik Roubert <fredrik@roubert.name>

dc1000 is a program to control the Panasonic dc1000 series of digital cameras; it can be used to preview, download and delete images. There are two versions of the program, one for UNIX (eg. Linux and Solaris) and one for BeOS. The BeOS version is currently in beta, but in the development version there is a unified code base and distribution for both UNIX and BeOS. The following camera models are supported:

The program is written by reverse engineering the communications protocol, and is in no way connected with Panasonic. The program and it's source code is freeware, which means you are free to do whatever you want with it. However, I'd appreciate if you give me credits if you use the code in some application of your own.

If you improve anything in the source code, please send the improved code to me so I can include it in the main distribution for the benefit of all users of the program.

Download the latest version here:

Download the latest development version here:

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The code to handle dc1580 was written by Galen Brooks <galen@interlabs.com> and he has also built a script-fu for the Gimp that splits the multiframe image format of the dc1580 into a set of animation frames.

Windows 2000

Andreas Schneider <andreas_f_schneider@hotmail.com> had problems to use his camera together with Windows 2000, and got the program Panasonic DSC Photo Viewer when he asked Panasonic for help. The program can be downloaded from here:

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